Dry Brushing 101

There are seriously so many benefits to dry brushing, and I adore this practice in my daily skincare regimen. Starting my morning off with a quick dry brush not only wakes me up (and my skin!) but can also help to eliminate toxins in your organs. I always do my dry brushing right before my shower (sometimes even in the shower if I'm in a pinch). A quick-dry brush helps to smooth dry skin and remove impurities - plus it increases blood circulation (which helps with anti-aging). It can also stimulate the lymphatic system. I recommend using a brush with natural bristles (I'm not a fan of synthetic bristles) and drink a glass of fresh lemon water afterward. Here's a quick rundown of how I dry brush for the best effects:

1. Starting at the collar bone, work from the shoulder to the middle of your neck, then do the other side.
2. Brush upwards from the top of your shoulder to just below your ear (work all the way around the front of your neck, brushing up to your chin).
3. Starting at your chin brush upwards towards your jawline and cheeks.
4. From the sides of your lips, brush upwards over your cheekbones.
5. GENTLY brush small upward circles around your eyes.
6. Brush up and down the bridge of the nose.
7. Starting at the center of your forehead brush outwards in a straight line from the center to your hairline, repeat on the other side of the forehead.
There you go! A quick way to wake up your skin in the morning!

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