What order do I use my products in?

Like starting anything new, a skincare routine can be intimidating. If you're a beginner you may be looking at your bathroom cabinet like it's a math equation, trying to understand each step. And that's okay. But if you don’t layer your products in the right way, or if you use oil without toner, you could render them ineffective—or, worse, bring irritation to the skin. I can speak for all of us when I say we do not need any more irritation. 

Don't be worried. Let me break it down and you can always reference this if you need help. 

Step 1: Cleanse

If you have dirt and makeup on the surface of your skin when you apply other products, they will not be absorbed correctly. That's why cleansing + double cleansing is so important. 

Splash your face with some warm water to open up your pores. Also, always make sure your hands are clean before starting your skincare routine. Take a small amount of the Neroli + Lavender Balm ( about a pea size) or the Sunflower + Chamomile Cleansing Oil (5-6 drops) and warm it in your fingertips before applying. 

Now start messaging the oil into the skin for about 30 seconds. Remove using a warm, damp cloth until the oil is removed completely. 

This is the part where I'd recommend cleansing again. If you have a lot of texture on your face or you feel like you just need more, now is the time to go in with an exfoliator like our Jojoba + Turmeric Facial Polish

Step 2: Tone

Toners prime your face for all of the other important ingredients after. Toners also level out the playing field and keep your pores clean. It's an added bonus when they smell nice. Cue our toners: Aloe + Lime Purifying Toner and Tulsi + Rose Calming Toner. Both amazing and tailored for different skin types. Spray your toner all over the face and gently wipe away with a cotton round or cloth.

If you're super dry, we recommend fan drying the toner using your hands until it's just damp and then going in with a serum for maximum hydration. Applying the next step in your routine with damp skin will allow for more absorption. 

Step 3: Serum

Treat your skin with a serum. Serums are like moisturizers except they have a more concentrated amount of ingredients like antioxidants and nutrients. They take on the heavy lifting when it comes to dark spots, fine lines, and protecting your skin from free radicals. Basically, you need a serum if you don't have one. 

Take your favorite serum like our Aloe + Willow Bark Vitamin C Serum, and apply a small amount to your fingertips. Then apply to the face. Give this time to dry before applying your oil. 

Step 4: Don't forget about the eyes 

The rule of skincare is to apply the heaviest last. That means you want to squeeze in a little attention for the eyes before applying a moisturizer. We recommend something gentle for the eyes. You don't want to tug and pull. That's why we designed our Green Coffee + Avocado Awakening Eye Oil in a rollerball for easier application and less pulling (added bonus if you put it in the fridge to cool the applicator). 

Step 5: Hydrate

No matter what, your skin needs moisture. We recommend using an oil to moisturize as it locks in everything. Remember, oils can penetrate serums and treatments but nothing can penetrate an oil. That's why you want to apply it very last because it's like a sealant.

Take a healing oil, we have a few to choose from here at LARK. You want to warm a few drops into your fingertips and massage it into the skin, going all the way down the neck and up to the hairline. Take your time with this as it will aid in lymphatic drainage. This is also the time when you can pull out your handy dandy jade roller or gua sha stone. 

Step 6: Dance party 

That's it! Not so bad, huh? 

Don't forget to apply sunscreen if you're leaving the house - we recommend SPF 30 at the minimum! 

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